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Sweet little orange mug, fingers immersed themselves into lustful lonliness…The thumb waited for you amongst angelic circling creamy thoughts floating atop of your liquidized terminal trust, you sweet little orange mug, you. No wonder your skin swelled & became sore! To be so still, sit upright with intentions of posturizing your life, all the while ignoring the potential cracks in your clay dermis hiding behind light brown freshly brewed day dreaming coffee. 

You sweet little orange mug, you! It was his cup of disguised love you became allergic to; itchy blue drops of memories appeared all over your glaze of orange, dove esq., quizical, deep as the ocean, umbillical cord that connects your core directly to the universe. Sweet little orange mug, his cup didn’t even exist! What a charcter you had discovered in an antique tin-can of a man of no heart! Remember how his spicy blood spewed firey rage, yet when he drinks to his heart, he salutes to it as an organ that pumps his freedom. 

Once, twice, no-an uncountable amount of moments when this cup, this tin-can of a man had split open his decompossing beats of the universe. He poured 1/2 into you sweet little orange mug, gilded your ceramic sides with inscriptions professing his infinite newfound commitment to replacing his moldy tea with hot chocolate (with white puffy marshmellows), to begin harvesting caffinated spiritual love never before tested by his filtration system. 

Now, as you witness his drifting through out his die-hard false faith in being at peace with his emptiness, your thoughts, no longer drowning in words (took swimming lessons) speak softly to your ears as sleepy lips drink in light brown coffee, “Might as well be Faust’s counterpart; he is no longer!” You sweet little orange mug, already with just minutes after the devil pierced his heart, you are pulsating with newfound angelic sleepy sprinkles of spirited yearnings!

My sweet little orange mug, you have been tried others: all of the many different shades of red, yellow, purple, green, blue, and orange. What do you yearn for? Keep on keeping on…discover a color which exists but no human has ever considered the possibility of its’ existence; this unseen color is so brilliant, so cosmically truthful, so awesome, so powerful, it can envoke complete unimaginable worldwide unification via an explosion of complete understanding, support, freedom, giving without the thought of return, connecting hearts, connecting sources!

You must find this color! It contains your sanity! Imagine creating within its’ fantastic fuzzy glitz! It will answer your question (‘Where are the others whom choose love?’)! You sweet little orange mug…

The answer is: They’re all over! Love comes in bits and pieces! You just have to pick them up and keep them together! My sweet little orange mug.